Las Piñas Green Card

This morning, I was finally able to apply for a Las Piñas Green Card. But right after completing the process, it dawned on me that I may not be able to use it after all. Sigh.

I first heard of the Las Piñas Green card sometime last year, from a friend who was also pregnant. She told me that a Las Piñas Green card entitles its owner to some medical benefits when used in a Las Piñas medical facility. I had no use for it then so I didn’t bother to learn more about it.

When I got pregnant early this year, I remembered about the green card. But it wasn’t until another preggy friend mentioned it again two months ago that I decided to seriously apply for one. Even when a cousin told me that I may have a slim chance of getting an approval since priority is given more to underprivileged citizens, I still took my friend’s advice to try my luck. Besides, a chance of being given a medical assistance of around P20k is just too tempting to resist.

My friend already had a head start and she was kind enough to brief me on the application process. My hubby accompanied me to the barangay office to get a cedula and a barangay clearance. The issuer even told me, “More than 20 years ka na pala dito sa Las Piñas, bakit ngayon ka lang naga-apply ng green card?” Sheepishly, all I could say was, “Ngayon ko lang po kasi nalaman na may ganun pala.”

Together with photocopies of my marriage contract, my son’s birth certificate and 2 pieces of 1 x 1 ID picture, I brought my cedula and barangay clearance to the Las Piñas City Municipal Hall. A voter’s ID is also required but since I don’t have one yet, my hubby and I had to get a voter’s certification (which costs P75) from the local COMELEC office. After that, we proceeded to the local DSWD office to fill up a green card application form and submit all the requirements.  The lady gave me a small paper which serves as an acknowledgment receipt and told me that a certain Marie will call me up after a month to update me on the status of my application.

But before we left, my hubby asked the lady if the green card can indeed be used in any Las Piñas hospital. The lady answered, “No. Only in Las Piñas Doctor’s Hospital, San Juan De Dios, and PGH.” Alarmed, I asked her, “Hindi po ba kasama ang Perpetual?” The lady shook her head and replied, “Hindi sya accredited. Tatlo pa lang. Bigyan kita copy ng guidelines ha,” then handed me a piece of paper containing the confinement procedures under the Las Piñas Hospitalization Program.

Back in the car, I immediately read the guidelines and true enough, only those three hospitals were mentioned. It’s also true that a green card holder can enjoy a maximum of P25k assistance, but there are many restrictions. For confinements, only the Service Ward can be availed of and only accredited doctors can treat the patient. For those giving birth, only the Las Piñas Lying-in clinic can take them in, and they must have had their pre-natal check-ups in their assigned Health Centers.  Haay…

Obviously, I cannot use that green card for my intended purpose (childbirth) because I’ve no plans of giving birth in a Lying-in clinic. I’m thankful to my inquisitive hubby who wisely asked that critical question concerning accredited hospitals. Otherwise, I would’ve wasted my time praying so hard for a piece of card that apparently has very little value to my present needs.

On our way home, my hubby said, “Maybe God is telling us that we can truly rely on our own resources. Kakayanin natin yun. We just need to trust Him more.” Well said my dear husband.

After a while he added, “Kung ma-approve man yun, at least may green card ka pa rin.” I guess he’s right. Who knows, I just might find it useful later on.

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30 comments on “Las Piñas Green Card
  1. may palacpac says:

    what a bummer if those are the only hospital facilities that we can avail of. but according to jay, of course they need to have a certain control of it kasi baka nga naman they’ll pay super laking bill because that’s what they do, they shoulder the expenses.

    ah well

    • Mommy Che says:

      exactly. they can offer as much as P25K assistance but they would still try to minimize the costs by limiting the coverage to hospitals with cheaper rates. anyway, let’s not lose hope yet. with the new administration, amendments can still be made in the guidelines… hopefully, within the year:)

  2. kchoa says:

    Super thanks for the post! I’m 24 weeks preggo and am curious about the Las Pinas Green Card but looks like I won’t be able to use it too. Great info tho, will bookmark your site:)

    • Mommy Che says:

      thanks! but I’m not discouraging you to apply for one. who knows, with our newly-elected city officials, we might see some changes in the Las Pinas green card guidelines soon. btw, my green card was approved after less than 2 months of waiting, though I have yet to claim it. try mo rin mag-apply, after you’ve given birth, that is. hope you’re having a smooth pregnancy:)

      • jenna says:

        Pde bng mgamit ang greencard ..kht s check up lng..or opd? Tnx a lot

        • Mommy Che says:

          Hi Jenna. May guidelines sa paggamit ng green card, kung saan lang pwede gamitin at kung anong documents ang dapat mong ipakita kasama ng green card. I was told before that they plan to modify the implementing guidelines. What I know before may not apply anymore today. So I suggest you inquire about this from the local DSWD office in Las Piñas municipal hall. Let me know if you need more help:)

  3. katrina says:

    how many days did you get your green card after applying it? and do you know if you can use them, asap? I still have 2 more months to go before giving birth, my firstborn and will have my civil wedding next month. Do you think i can apply and get it in one month time?

    • Mommy Che says:

      hi katrina! congrats on your upcoming wedding. it took more than a month but less than 2 months. I haven’t gone back to Las Pinas City Hall to personally receive my card because I already know I can’t use it for childbirth purposes (you can read my explanation in my blog) plus I can’t find the time to go there. where do you plan to give birth? very limited lang ang hospitals na accredited, based on the guidelines provided to me last year. I don’t know if they have addedmore hospitals. better if you inquire na rin para sure:)

      • katrina says:

        I plan on giving birth at Las Piñas Doctor’s Hospital so it’s perfect for me, but I can only process the card just after our civil wedding, for the papers (name changed,etc.) Maybe i’ll just call them for more inquiries, and hopefully I can make it on time.:) Thanks for replying.

        • Mommy Che says:

          I see. Yeah, better if you call them up first. If I remember it right, the green card can be used at an accredited lying-in clinic for normal delivery. It can be used at LPDH for CS cases pero limited sa ward yung room entitlement and you must get an accredited doctor. You will also be required to have prenatal consults at your barangay health center before you can use the green card when giving birth. These are based on last year’s guidelines. Verify mo na lang kung ganun pa rin…

  4. mary rose says:

    hi mommy che…we’re on the same situation…ask ko lang po according to the said guidelines..pag declare ng health center na normal k means sa las pinas lying in k lng pwede manganak…?? ppwede lng sa las pinas doctors kung di kaya ng lying in?.. but never pakong nkpagpacheck sa health center…ndi q b mggmit ung green card pg d aq ngpcheck sa brgy center?,and ndi bako ppwede sa las pinas doctors pag normal ako.. nguguluhan dn aq sa gamit ng green card..

    • Mommy Che says:

      Hi mary rose! so sorry for the late reply. pareho lang tayong naguguluhan, hehe. based on the guidelines given to me last year (not sure if the same still applies), yes you need to have pre-natal check-ups at your barangay health center. Las Pinas Lying-in center for normal deliveries and LPDH for CS delivery. That’s how I understood the guidelines ha, better double-check with our local DSWD office para sure. Malay mo baka nabago ang policy. When are you due? Good luck and have a safe and smooth delivery!

  5. jzelvnv says:

    hi mommies! nag apply din ako green card last nov 2011 and im 7mos pregnant that time so makakahabol pa daw ako if ever i need it for my delivery. so inalam ko mga rules and guidelines nila habang nag aantay ako dun chinika ko ung staff nla. yes, 3 hospitals lang accredited nla. LPDH, PGH, San juan de dios. if ur pregnant and u are planning to use it. first, dpat may pink card ka (which is sa health center ka dpat nagppachek up they will give u that. the pink card serves as their pre natal book) so kung normal delivery, sa lying -in ka manganganak particluraly in CAA lying in clinic. then, if CS. kung i-aadvise ng health center na CS ka, they will give referral pra sa accredited doctors ng mga green card holders. then sila daw mag decide pa if saang hosp ka papapuntahin. (3 accredited hosps.)
    And also, same with other sickness. dun ka dapat sa accredited doctors nila for green card holders.
    The reason kaya ako kumuha ng green card kase when i was 5mos preggy, naoperahan ako appendicitis sa perpetual. and my bill went up to 100k plus. and sabi nila na sana daw sa LPDH nalang ako nagpa confine and sana kung meron akong green card eh makakabawas din. so i got curious about the green card though matagal ko na sya naririnig and also, bkt hnd accredited ang perpetual and the reason is, kasi daw may sarili silang foundation which is the jonelta.
    okay, so after ko mag apply for green card and understanding their rules and guidelines, sabi ko, ayy ganun pala. but since nag papachek up rin ako sa health center (for free vitamins hehe! pero may OB parin ako. i just go there if i need free vitamins since blocks away lang d2 samin ung center) sabi ko, tutuloy ko parin ung pre natal chek up ko sa center just in case nlang na ma CS ako magagamit ko ung green card. pero if normal, sa hosp ako. well fortunately, after my ultra sound kanina, nasa pwesto na si baby, the last time kase breech position sya. kaya this means na normal delivery ako. thank god! my EDC pala is on january 30. sana safe delivery ult for my 2nd baby boy =)
    anyway…. okay na rin na we have the green card mommies atleast meron na tayo for emergency din dba and pwde rin magamit ni hubby and children =)) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Mommy Che says:

      Thanks for the update mommy! have a smooth and easy delivery. happy new year to you too!:)

      • dave says:

        hi mommy che, i am wondering if can i apply or my fiance for da green card since we r just 3yrs residing here at las pinas?btw mommy che my fiance ryt now s 1mos. pregy nd i would like her sooner delivery for our 1st baby would be smooth nd safe..thank u nd God bless

        • Mommy Che says:

          Hi Dave! If you think the Las Pinas Green card would be useful to you and your fiance, then I suggest you apply for it. There are no application fees, you just need to submit the requirements. Hoping she’ll have an easy pregnancy:)

  6. joyce says:

    Hi mommy che. ask ko lang po kung aprobado pa po ba ang green card sa panganganak kasi may mga narinig ako na hindi na raw po pwedeng gamitin ang green card sa panganganak. Joyce

    • Mommy Che says:

      Hi Joyce! Sorry for the late reply. This is the first time I’ve heard about what you said. Hindi na rin ako updated sa policy ng green card ngayon. May I suggest you try to call the DSWD office located inside the municipal office of Las Pinas. They should know if there are changes in the policy:)

    • joyce says:

      Thank you po sa pagreply. Ask k lng po ulit kung pwedeng gamitin ang green in normal delivery. Sa lying-in po kasi sa casimiro twice lang po pwedeng manganak. Eh pangngatlo k na po itong pinagbubuntis ko. pwede b sa san juan dedios or las pinas hospital .

      • Mommy Che says:

        Hi Joyce. As far as I can remember, sa lying-in lang pwede ang normal delivery. CS ang pwede sa san juan de dios or las pinas doctors. But I suggest you verify this with the city hall (DSWD office). Baka kasi iba na ang policies sa green card.

  7. carla says:

    hi mommy che! i just want to ask if sa lying in ng las pinas sa may CAA ako manganganak may babayaran ba don o libre na?

    • Mommy Che says:

      Hi carla! Sorry for the late reply. If you have a green card and you’re able to submit all the requirements, and then no childbirth complications, dapat wala kang babayaran. But to be sure, I suggest you call the local DSWD office to check if there are changes in the guidelines. Good luck!

  8. hi mommy che.. good evening po.. my tanong po ako kung magkano ang normal delivery sa las pians lying in sa CAA 5months na kasi buntis misis ko ask lang po sana ako kasi nagplaplano kami sa lying xa manganak and ano ano mga needed my requirements po ba na kailangan.. salamat po

    • Mommy Che says:

      Hi there. Sorry for the super late reply! To be honest, wala po akong idea kung magkano ang rate sa lying in clinic at kung ano ang mga requirements. May time ka pa naman na mag-inquire doon, just pay the clinic a visit one of these days. Good luck and hoping for a safe delivery for your wife!

  9. Gyanne says:

    Sa panganganak lang ba pwede gamitin ang green card?

  10. ana says:

    Hi,good day!! Mommy che,ask cu lang po kung dapat po bang kasal muna kayo ni mister para magamit ang green card?

    • Mommy Che says:

      Hi Ana. I’m not so sure. Pero sa tingin ko hindi naman required kasi government-initiated naman ito, it should be offered to all Las Piñas city residents regardless of civil status. But better check with your barangay office, or if you’re near the city hall, sa DSWD office nila.

  11. Paige says:

    super daming imfo. ko nalaman sa inyo. thanks you so much I’ll tell it to my sister which is 5 mons preggy and we are planning to get Las Pinas greencard. thanks mga mommys and god Bless..

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