Li’l Fun Ranch

I’m glad that parents like me now has the luxury to bring their kids to safer play areas for a reasonable price. My son’s current favorite is the Li’l Fun Ranch in Westgate Alabang.

Li’l Fun Ranch is a smaller version of the original Fun Ranch in Pasig; smaller in the sense that it only has the Active Fun play area and Big Red Barn restaurant as its attractions. In the Pasig branch, there are small boutiques and other restaurants to choose from, a Power Station branch (similar to Timezone), and more space to let kids move around (we particularly like the hanging bridge).

But even with its limited attractions, Li’l Fun Ranch gets my vote for its bigger and more interesting Active Fun playground. Unlike in its Pasig counterpart, Li’l Fun Ranch’s Active Fun area boasts of a basketball/soccer area and also a trampoline section, both of which my son adores. I also love the fact that they allotted some space (complete with chairs and tables) around most parts of the playground to serve as waiting areas for parents and caregivers. Such layout makes watching over the kids easier and more convenient, so there’s less need to accompany your child inside if he’s big enough to play on his own.

basketball and soccer area

trampoline area

waiting areas around the playground

Other attractions include a soft ball area, a giant slide and a small slide (for the little tots), space ball battle area (using mini foam balls as ammunition), a soft blocks area, plus a lot of room to allow kids to crawl, walk, run, jump and climb up & down.

soft ball area

soft blocks

space ball battle

mini slide with soft ball area

My son loves going back to Li’l Fun Ranch  because it’s a fine place to meet and play with other kids (he has very few playmates of his own). He’s had a few unfortunate encounters with big bullies but I say he handled the situation pretty well. I’m even the one who’s more pissed  when I see some yayas taking a ball away from my poor kid in favor of their wards. Hmp!

There are a number of Active Fun attendants who watch over the kids but not enough to oversee the activities in ALL areas of the playground. So I suggest to parents (particularly of smaller tots and hyperactive kids) not to rely too much on these attendants in keeping their kids safe inside the playground. Better to check on your kids every so often. When in doubt, have a yaya or any adult to accompany your child inside (for an additional fee).

giant slide

While waiting for their kids to finish, parents and caregivers can enjoy a bucket of popcorn or order a full meal from Big Red Barn, the only restaurant/party area (3 sections available for kiddie parties) inside Li’l Fun Ranch. My long-time wish is for a Wi-Fi to be installed in the area, to make our waiting time a more productive one.

Li’l Fun Ranch
Westgate, Commerce Avenue, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang
Tel # 710-4619
Open 365 days a year
Visit or for the admission rates and party packages

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